Savings Accounts

Though typically referred to as “Savings” accounts, in a credit union, they are called “Share” accounts. Hotel & Travel Industry FCU offers members the following types of share accounts:

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Daily Share Account:

This account is a basic savings account that boasts no minimum balance restriction, and can be used as collateral against a Share Secured Loan.  Dividends are paid and compounded quarterly back into the account.

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Keiki Share Account:

Good financial habits start at an early age.  Parents can help keiki learn how to save by opening them a savings account.  Children under the age of 18 can enjoy the benefits of this membership so long as a parent is a joint member on the account.

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Christmas Club Account: 

Make saving up for holiday shopping a breeze by depositing a little bit of each paycheck into the Christmas Club Account.  This interest-bearing account, accumulates dividends quarterly.  When the account matures each year on September 30th, your savings will be auto-deposited into the account of your choice. 

Example:  If you were to deposit $50.00 from each paycheck, in one year, you will accumulate about $1,200.00 plus dividends (if you are paid 2x per month x 12 months).

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Vacation Club Account: 

Similar to the Christmas Club Account, this account helps you save up for future vacations by depositing a bit of each paycheck.  This account is also interest-bearing and dividends are paid quarterly.  The Vacation Club Account matures on May 31st of each year and will be automatically deposited into the designated account of your choosing.

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Share Accounts

Account TypeDividend Rate/Annual Percentage Yield (APY)Minimum Opening DepositMinimum Balance Required to Earn Stated (APY)Dividends Compounded/Credited
Daily Shares Account0.10%$-$-Quarterly
2nd Daily Shares0.10%$-$-Quarterly
Christmas Club Account0.15%$-$-Quarterly
Vacation Club Account0.15%$-$-Monthly
Keiki Daily Shares0.10%$-$-Quarterly
IRA Passbook Share Accounts (Traditional, Roth & Education)0.25%$50.00$50.00Quarterly

*Federally insured by NCUA.