Fee Schedule

Closing of Account

Closing of account within first 6 months of opening$25.00
Closing of account after first 6 months$5.00
IRA Closed Account/Processing Fee (Complete Withdrawal/Rollovers to other FI's)$25.00

Share Draft Account

Monthly Service Fee (Share Type 71 - if below minimum balance of $300)$10.00
Monthly Service Fee (Share Type 72)No charge
Non-Sufficient Funds (on checks, drafts, ACH - per item)$25.00
Stop Payment of Share Draft$15.00
Stop Payment of Series of Drafts$15.00
Stop Payment on Revocation of ACH$15.00
Copy of Share Draft$2.50
Share Draft (check) OrderVaries

Automated Teller Machine

Withdrawal, inquiry and transfers at non-network ATMs$1.00
Co-Op ATMNo charge and no surcharge
American Savings Bank ATMsNo charge and no surcharge
Replacement Debit or ATM Card$10.00

Audio Response System

Withdrawal by check, inquiry, and transfers between shares and loansNo charge

Other Services

Deposited items returned to credit union unpaid$20.00
Account Research / Reconciliation (per hour)$10.00
Credit Union Official Checks - Member (up to 1 checks per day)FREE
Credit Union Official Checks - Members (after first check daily) or Non-Member* (each check)$3.00
Copy of Paid Credit Union Official Check$2.50
Stop Payment on Credit Union Official Check$15.00
Copy of Paid Credit Union Official Check$2.50
Service of Legal Process - Garnishment$25.00
Service of Legal Process - Tax Levy$25.00
Inactive (Dormant) Account Fee - Monthly$20.00
Photocopies - Member Statement - Prior Years$10.00
Photocopies - Member Statement - Current Year$10.00
Photocopies - Account History (per statement period)$2.00
Photocopies - Other Documents (per page)$1.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing - Domestic$20.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing - International$40.00
Wire Transfer - Incoming$5.00
Address Locator Fee$5.00

Loan Services

Loan Late Charge (after 10 days)$25.00
Credit Card Cash Advance- Visa, Mastercard, Discover Member/*Non-Member: Minimum Amount $100.00$5.00 or 3% (whichever is greater)
Duplicate Title Request$25.00
HTIFCU Quick Cash Loan Program Application Fee$20.00

Online Bill Pay

Monthly UsageNo charge

*A Non-Member is defined as an individual without the minimum of one share ($25.00) in the Member Regular Share Account.

**The credit union reserves the right to change rates, terms and conditions of any program at any time.

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