Switch Kit


Moving your accounts to Hotel and Travel Industry Federal Credit Union is fast and convenient! Our switch kit includes everything you need to help you make a smooth transition to HTIFCU. All the letters and forms you will need are provided here to make this as easy as possible. Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1

Apply for a membership with our Membership Application. There is no required deposit to open an account provided you sign up for a direct deposit with HTIFCU. It costs $25 to become an HTIFCU Member, but $25 minimum balance requirement goes back to you (less $5.00 closing fee after 6 months) if or when you decide to close your membership in the future. To apply in person, visit the HTIFCU Branch.

Step 2

Switch your direct deposit and automatic deposits by using our Direct Deposit Change Request Form. If you’re moving your direct deposit to HTIFCU from another source, please notify them of the switch.

Step 3

Change automatic payments and withdrawals by using our Automatic Payment Transfer Request Form. If you have more than one automatic transaction, simply fill out one form for each.

Step 4

Close out your old account once any outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals have cleared (this process may take several weeks). Once you’re sure this has happened, you can use the Account Closing Request Form to notify your previous financial institution to terminate your accounts and receive any balances.

Use our convenient Check List to help you make the switch today or get more details at HTIFCU Branch.


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